, Special Offer عرض خاص جدد اشتراك لمده سنه واحصل على 13 شهر فقط ب$ 139

  • Arabic IPTV with WIFI built in
    Built in Wi-Fi (b/g/n) Boxes
  • Social Media is included in our Arabic IPTV Box
    Enjoy Youtube and Social Media Programs 
  • Arabic IPTV can provides channels with out any dish
    No dish required plug and watch
  • Arabic Channels time shift
    Time Shift TV is a unique feature
  • Plenty of Arabic IPTV show and movies on demand.
    Enjoy Over 20,000 Free Shows & Movies On Demand



Arabic Channels Receiver


You can watch hundreds of Arabic TV and thousands of movies and shows on Demand anywhere you have an internet connection – in any USA state, country or continent on the globe! Let's Forget the cables, satellite dishes or any other equipment you have to mount on your roof or balcony. Arabic IPTV is the new receiving technology, the streamlined process brings amzing TV experiance directly into your home with no muss, no fuss and no big ugly dish in your yard. You instead can access all the entertainment on your TV. You can simply install the Arabic IPTV BOX on your own, all you need is just an internet connection and you can start enjoying your favrite shows. You can choose the package that fits your need and budget from the different packages we offer below. Order now and start a new experiance of high quality TV.