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Why Us


SHAM IPTV© is an American company located in New Jersey, founded by experienced individuals who started in the  Arabic IPTV industry as resellers for the most well known IPTV companies in the industry. Based on Our long experience, we have seen and analyzed the issues consumers faced with option less alternatives .

When we first started in the IPTV arena, it was only one company that provided Arabic channels, at that time customers were happy to have Arabic channels they always wanted to have in America then other companies came and started the same way the first one did however, they kept the good service for not too long. while the amount of customers increased they couldn’t keep the same service that people enjoyed in the beginning . the problems float to the surf when companies couldn’t move forward with technology and were unable to keep the same service they provided firstly due to the huge increase in the amount of users. That was the time for us to bring consumers a new product that can eliminate all the issues that customers were facing.

IPTV is a huge moving forward industry and it changes rapidly however, what puts us ahead of our competitors is that we invest in skilled, talented individuals around the globe who can bring you the up to date technology and make entertainment better, more affordable and easy to access. 

What makes SHAM IPTV© a leading company in the industry is that we offer the best Arabic IPTV with up to date technology such as Time shift, HD channels, Social Media and much more. We are the first to offer high qulity service for the lowest price in the industry. We work on giving our Arab community in the U.S the best entraintement they deserve by bringing the most advanced technology. SHAM IPTV© is one of the only entertainment providers with 24/7 live customer service. You can call us any time even 3am. We are confedent of our low rate that you can't find any compnay that provides the same channels with the same quality for the same price. Our service is unbeatable espicaly when it comes to price and quality. 

No other TIME SHIFT offers the benefits you'll get with the Time Shift we offer —the most advanced in the industry. Only the SHAM IPTV Box has exclusive consumer-friendly features so you can watch live TV anywhere¹ and instantly skip commercials.You shouldn't have to think too hard while relaxing, so we've designed Time SHifts that are known as the most customer-friendly in the business and they just keep getting better. Only the SHAM IPTV© gives you the ability to control the time of shows at once and instantly skip commercials, making it the industry's most technically advanced and consumer-friendly.